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Dear Professor,  Recently I had a conversation with a woman from Canada. Her granddaughter, in first grade in a public school, was approached on the playground by a boy her age who was dressed in girls’ clothes. “I want to play with you,” he said.

“Well, I don’t want to play with you,” she responded.

The boy walked away. Soon after, he came back with the playground supervisor, who informed the girl that she had to be friends with the boy.

Since when do school authorities get to decide who our children’s friends are? 

This is just a microcosm of what society is doing with transgenderism: demanding that we all embrace it. Systematically eliminating our power to think otherwise.

To me, the despotic playground supervisor is an emblem of just how aggressively society is moving to impose and enforce this revolutionary transformation. Disapproving of transgenderism has suddenly become a thought-crime, a la George Orwell.

Women who object to men in their public bathrooms and dressing rooms are being told they just have to live with it. Employees who instruct men to leave these facilities are being fired.

This goes far beyond morality. To accept society’s approval of fornication, adultery, pornography, homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” is to reject the authority of the Bible. Now, though, society is demanding that we reject reality. That we pretend biology itself is an illusion.

Transgenderism occurs in the mind. No expert can point to any physiological or biological evidence to support it. A doctor who diagnoses “cross-gender identification” has nothing to go by besides what the person claims to be feeling. Yet based on such claims, a psychiatrist can recommend that a child live as someone of the opposite sex, and even, eventually, to undergo sex-reassignment surgery—genital mutilation.

When else is invasive, irreversible surgery performed on healthy organs, particularly in absence of medical tests to confirm a diagnosis, based solely on a patient feeling there is a problem? Yet in America, taxpayer money has gone toward doing just that on soldiers, government workers, prisoners and private citizens.

As precipitously as this revolution is occurring, however, it can’t be fast enough for some people.

The New York Times published an article a couple weeks ago called “How to Raise a Feminist Son.” It scolded us parents for “confining” our sons by discouraging them from having “feminine” interests and teaching them to be tough. It advised us to let our boys cry, to teach them how to do housework and care for children, and to instruct them to recognize the terrible sex stereotypes in The Berenstain Bears. Under a drawing of a boy wearing a sunhat, large shades and a pearl necklace, the article said, “Let him be himself.” Actively fight traditional sex norms. And if he has gender confusion, by all means encourage that.

This push for transgenderism has simply exploded in just a couple short years. What in the world is society going to look like 10 years from now—or even five, or two—after we’ve deliberately raised our kids to be gender-dysphoric and pansexual?

Society is hurtling down this weird, delusional road—seemingly without considering just how bizarre and treacherous it must inevitably get. Denying the very existence of male and female necessitates restructuring whole segments of our culture. Sex segregation naturally occurs everywhere. The contortions this will put us through over public facilities, sports participation, military service, family composition, the role of science in reproduction, and countless other areas are impossible to foresee. Not even Karl Marx—with his abolition of the family and advocacy of a “community of women” in place of marriage—conceived of a completely sexless society.

But most alarmingly, such a revolution cannot take place without force. When a lie becomes orthodoxy—when truth must give way to fantasy—when it becomes expected that everyone enthusiastically endorse pure deceit—such utopianism can only be brought into being with the bullying power of the state. You simply cannot rewrite reality on such a scale without THE MUSCLE OF AUTHORITARIANISM.

It is coming—and fast. We get a peek at that future in a playground supervisor demanding that a little girl befriend a boy in a dress.

Sodom and Gomorrah adopted homosexuality and other sexual perversions. But I don’t believe that even these cities—notorious for their rank wickedness—ever rejected the very reality of male and female! We have outdone them.

If you want to wash out the bad taste in your mouth, read some sound advice on how to rear your son in Chapter 6.4 of my new book Biblical Manhood, titled “Make a Man.” In fact, read the whole book for a refreshing look at just how sane and wonderful God’s view on sex roles is.

Joel Hilliker

Senior Editor,

E-mail me at

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Obama, a Pawn of Satan’s

Recently, we learned a lot more about American support for Iran’s rise as “king of the south” from Dr. David Asher, who worked for Gen. John Allen at the United States Defense and State Departments under the Obama administration. Dr. Asher testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about America’s efforts to counter Hezbollah’s global network of terror, crime and resistance. According to Asher, during the last years of his presidency, Barack Obama “systematically disbanded” U.S. law enforcement actions aimed at disrupting Iran’s international network of terrorism for fear that such counterterrorism measures might derail the nuclear deal with Iran. 

With each passing week since Barack Obama moved out of the White House, we have learned more and more about his scandalous actions as president. Unfortunately, the major media in the United States are fixated instead on bringing down the Trump presidency. That’s why they obsessed over the James Comey hearing last week, when they should have been scrutinizing every word of Dr. Asher’s riveting testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which happened on the same day!

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The Loss of Sense and Sensibility (cont’d)

One reason the mass populations of the West are rejecting Christianity:Christianity rapidly spread through the West primarily by the AD 313 Edict of Milan (Constantine and Licinius). This resulted in the church and the monarchy sharing power, and sometimes the church was the monarchy and the power. This unfortunate arrangement masked the message of the loving Jesus. The hidden true message of Christ kept the masses ignorant and under the thumbs of rulers, no matter the robes they wore, be they robes imperial or clerical.

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Help with WordPress

A number of years ago in Internet time I wanted a place to store interesting articles. I did not want to use space on my hard drive. I heard about blogging but I was not interested in creating anything original I merely wanted to save items I deemed interesting and perhaps share them with others. Somehow I was led to WordPress. I began copying and pasting articles to WordPress and publishing them. I could always retrieve my articles when I wanted to look at them again. 

As long as I can remember I clipped magazine and newspaper articles for future reference keeping them in folders. Along came computers allowing electronic storage. Now the Cloud allowing storage with acces no matter the device I am using and from whet I am using the device as long as I have access to the Internet. I use Box, Dropbox, IDrive, iCloud, Google drive, and everything else for storing all that I have including photos and videos.

Bringing us back to WordPress. Now I think I would like to begin writing my thoughts and sharing/storing them, so I went back to WordPress. But, I am having a problem with restoring my drafts. I begin writing, save it as a draft with the intention of going back and writing more, but I cannot locate the draft for future writing, I must be doing something wrong because I do not believe that those who write blogs write in one sitting, but write in multiple sittings saving their writings as drafts for future editing, etc.

Where am I going wrong?

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The Loss of Sense and Sensibility 

This coming weekend begins my last foray across the pond to the land that embraced, then lost, reason. I am speaking of the West, Western Europe. The culmination of the best in art, science, engineering, and theology. Athens thought about and expressed untying the knot, loosening the ropes, unfettering the shackles, but Western Europe finally set man free. Truth and logic behind passioned reasoning unleashed that which had been leashed for millennia. No! it was not easy it was not swift, it was painful, but as with childbirth, it produced life.

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“3D Printing of Glass Now Possible” by Karlsruher Institut Für Technologie (Kit)

Glass is one of mankind’s oldest materials. It was used as far back as in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome and has found a place now also in manufacturing technology of the 21st century. An interdisciplinary team at the KIT led by mechanical engineer Dr. Bastian E. Rapp developed a process using glass for additive manufacturing techniques. The scientists mix nanoparticles of high-purity quartz glass and a small quantity of liquid polymer and allow this mixture to be cured by light at specific points – by means of stereolithography. The material, which has remained liquid, is washed out in a solvent bath, leaving only the desired cured structure. The polymer still mixed in this glass structure is subsequently removed by heating. “The shape initially resembles that of a pound cake; it is still unstable, and therefore the glass is sintered in a final step, i.e. heated so that the glass particles are fused,” explains Rapp. He conducts research at the KIT Institute of Microstructure Technology and heads a working group of chemists, electrical engineers, and biologists. The scientists present the method in the Nature journal under the title of “Three-dimensional Printing of Transparent Fused Silica Glass.”

The variety of 3D-printing techniques available so far have been used on polymers or metals, but never on glass. Where glass was processed into structures, for instance by melting and application by means of a nozzle, the surface turned out to be very rough, the material was porous and contained voids. “We present a new method, an innovation in materials processing, in which the material of the piece manufactured is high-purity quartz glass with the respective chemical and physical properties,” explains Rapp. The glass structures made by the KIT scientists show resolutions in the range of a few micrometers – one micrometer corresponding to one thousandth of a millimeter. However, the structures may have dimensions in the range of a few centimeters, emphasizes Rapp.

3D-formed glass can be used, for instance, in data technology. “The next plus one generation of computers will use light, which requires complicated processor structures; 3D-technology could be used, for instance, to make small, complex structures out of a large number of very small optical components of different orientations,” explains the mechanical engineer. For biological and medical technologies, very small analytical systems could be made out of miniaturized glass tubes. In addition, 3D-shaped microstructures of glass could be employed in a variety of optical areas, from eyeglasses meeting special requirements to lenses in laptop cameras.

The development by scientists under Junior Scientist Group Leader Bastian E. Rapp is a result of the “NanoMatFutur” junior scientist funding scheme run by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) to support the development of innovative materials for industry and society. The work performed by the research group headed by Rapp has been funded by the BMBF since 2014 for a total of four years to the tune of approx. € 2.8 million. “Our research benefits very much from the interdisciplinary cooperation of various KIT institutes. Besides the Institute of Microstructure Technology, colleagues of the Institute of Nuclear Waste Management and the Institute of Applied Materials, among others, are involved in the project,” says Rapp.

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What has Happened to Conservatism in the South?

I am sick, disgusted, and angry. Last night was a *long* night for the critically important Special Election for Congress in Georgia’s sixth congressional district to fill Congressman Tom Price’s vacated seat.  The final numbers are now in and boy was it close:  Democrat Jon Ossoff finished with 48.1% of the vote – just 1.9% away from having won the seat for the Democrats. Either the people of the 6th district–solidly Republican since 1979–have lost their collective sense of right and wrong, or an alien population has moved into the district and have overpowered the sane.

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