What I am Learning from The Lord

I am learning that I am a unique in the true sense of the word unique.  The word "unique" is bandied about quite loosely. The true meaning of "unique" is "one-and-only," "one-of-a-kind," not just a little different.  Just as the Lord creates billions and billions of snowflakes, all different, so he creates each one of us unique. 
He relates in a personal and one-on-one way with me that is different than his relationship with anyone else.  His relationships are intimate and personal.  Because of this, I am to keep my eyes on Jesus and off of others.  Looking at others leads to covetousness or pride.  I am never to compare myself with anyone else.  God is conforming me into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ.
Additionally, I am learning that only Jesus satisfies.  Nothing in this world can satisfy my soul (spirit).  My spirit was created by God for Him (Augustine). Family cannot fill that part of my spirit (I love my wife and children), friends cannot (God gives friends as gifts, ministering agents, reprovers, and convictors, etc), and material objects can never satisfy.  Things must be kept in perspective.  God will supply of my needs and maybe He may give material gifts as blessings, but they are His, I am grateful for whatever He gives me. I am to hold all things with an open hand, and offer them back to Him.  He owns them, he is Lord, I am only His steward.
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