The World has Gone Mad Today….

The world has gone mad today,
Good’s bad today,
Day’s night today,
Black’s white today,
And those guys today,
That women prize today,
Are (fill in the blank),
… anything goes (Lord help us)
When the children were in our home, Karen and I outfitted our one-and-only, analog television with rabbit ear antenna (sans aluminum foil). This made the three primary networks appear fuzzy and out of focus. There was no great desire to sit in front of the TV all day. Therefore, they were across the street at the neighborhood pool. They both became excellent swimmers and are in top physical shape even today.
Then the time came when our last child left the nest, and Karen and I moved into the next phase of our married life–we were officially empty-nesters. Just the two of us rattling around the four-bedreeom, four-bath house with no one else under our roof.
However, once Andy had his own home, he installed Direct TV, began watching HGTV (Home and Garden Television), and told us of the delights of this network. While Karen was on a vacation, I too, had Direct TV installed. When Karen returned, we both began watching HGTV, and it soon became our favorite network.
[to be continued]
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