Karen, Come Here to Me; I’m in Paris

Hear my voice, where you are,
Take a train, drive a car
Hop a freight, grab a star
Come here to me
Catch a flame, catch a breeze
On your hands, on your knees
Swim or fly, only please
Come here to me
On a mule, in a jet
Put yourself in a net
But come to me, yet
I don’t care, this is where you should be
From the hills, from the shore
Ride the wind to my door, turn the highway to dust
Bend the law if you must, move the world only just
Come here to me
What on earth must I do
Scream and yell till I’m blue
Bless your soul when will you
Come here to me
In a crate, in a trunk
On a horse, with a monk
In a Rolls, or a van
Wrapped in mink, or saran
Anyway that you can
Come here to me
Come here to me
Come here to me

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One Response to Karen, Come Here to Me; I’m in Paris

  1. Thomas says:

    Hear my voiceWhere you areTake a trainDrive a carHop a freightGrab a starCome back to meCatch a planeCatch a breezeOn your handsOn your kneesSwim or fly only pleaseCome back to meOn a mule in a jetWith your hair in a netOr a towel wringin\’ wetI don\’t careThis is whereYou should beFrom the hillsFrom the shoreRide the wind to my doorTurn highways to dustBend the law if you mustMove the world only justCome back to meHave you gone to the moonNot the corner saloonNor to rack and ruinHoney bunnyHow very funnyCan you be?In a crateIn a trunkOn a horseA Chinese drunkIn a Rolls or a vanWrapped in Mink or SaranAny way that you canCome back to me

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