Paris, Georgia Tech Friends


Jose Solis and yours truly surround Anja and Maya at the Paris Airport while Jose has a brief layover between the United States and Prague, Czech Republic.

In 2004, Jose and I pioneered the Georgia Tech Building Construction summer study abroad program in Paris.  We were both neophytes at the program, but we knew our industry and we knew how to teach; coupling this with Anja Valero’s experience with Georgia Tech students in Paris, we were off to a rousing success. 

At that time, Jose and I were Ph.D. students in the Building Construction program at Georgia Tech.  Jose completed his Ph.D. and was hired as a fulltime professor in the very large Building Construction program at Texas AM University.  I never completed my Ph.D., and am working as an adjunct professor in the Building Construction program at Georgia Tech.

The Georgia Tech College of Architecture has had a 30 year relationship with the architecture school in Paris.  Many Georgia Tech students have finished their final year in architecture studying at this fine university.  Because of that relationship, the young, small Building Construction program was able to plug into that experience and begin a full summer semester, three month, study abroad program for those fortunate American students who realize the value of an international exposure during their educational experience at Georgia Tech.

As you can plainly see, Anja is the proud mother of nine-month-old baby Maya.  We’re going to make a little Yellow Jacket out of her.

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