One in five million


When I flew to Paris the first part of May this year, my "seat mate" was a gentleman who was traveling to Europe for the first time.  He works for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and was to be in France for a meeting.  He was flying into Paris and had a brief time to connect with his flight that went to Rennes. 

During the long flight over, we talked of many things and he asked many questions about Europe, France, and Paris, as this was his first time overseas.  I could tell he did much reading, as she already knew what he wanted to see during his three brief days in Paris, before he had to return to the United States. 

Well, as some people may say, "as chance would have it," but nothing happens by chance in the life of Christian, I was at rue Saint Michael waiting for someone and who should happen to walk by but my airline seat mate.  He had finished his conference in Rennes and was on his next-to-last day in Paris–taking in as many sites as he could based on his preplanned itinerary.  While we spoke, he pulled his little camera out of his pocket, and holding the camera at arm’s length, snapped this photo of both of us.

Just today (7/1/08), I received this photo in the e-mail, so I thought I would share it with the rest of you.  Bonne chance? Thom

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