Robert Ringer speaking of the Tucson Shooter

“…when conservatives argue that the murderer had no connection to conservative politics, they are allowing themselves to once again be sucked into the liberals’ false-premise trap.  It’s the wrong argument.  Both liberals and conservatives have a right to say whatever they please, because it’s (supposed to be) a free country.

If an insane person killed someone and told the police he was motivated by the political rhetoric of Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, or Joe Klein, none of these hateful individuals would be at fault.  They have a right to be hateful so long as it’s okay with their employers.

Sane people cannot be muzzled in an effort to keep their words from affecting a mentally ill person, so it isn’t necessary to argue that it was not conservative talk radio, Sarah Palin, Fox News, et al that motivated Jared Loughner.

Again, whatever the motivation, it would be irrelevant.  The fact is that whether on the right or the left, it’s absurd to believe that people should base their words and actions on how they might affect a mentally unstable person whom they have never even met. “

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