Cell Phone Deals on Craigslist, by Gary North

Aug. 26, 2011

Gary North writes, “This was posted on one of my site’s forums. It deserves wider circulation.”

If you have a cell phone contract, whether one year, two year, or whatever, you probably get discounts on phones when the contract is just about up. If you stick with the same type of phone when you upgrade, or maybe even get a higher level upgrade a bit, here’s how you can possibly pay nothing at all when you upgrade…

The last time I upgraded to a new phone for $85 total after the rebate (a smart phone at that), they wanted to buy back my old smart phone for $27. My spidy sense went off and I wondered if I get more for it somewhere else, even though I didn’t know anyone who wanted my phone. It turns out I was right…

I went on Craigslist and sold my old phone for $100! I actually made $15 by upgrading my phone! And no, I didn’t do any special marketing tricks to sell my old phone. It was actually slightly below average what other people were selling the same phone for on Craigslist! When I met the guy who I sold the phone to, he told me why people are willing to pay that much…

It turns out that people looking for phones on Craigslist just activate it with a no contract monthly plan. It’s usually much cheaper then the contract plans the major cell phone companies have, but the phones without the contract attached are very expensive, hundreds of dollars more than on Craigslist. So they save a bundle buying your old phone on Craigslist versus the cell phone companies (especially smart phones)

So there’s a huge cell phone exchange market on Craigslist between contract and non contract cell phone plan holders.

But be sure to find out if your phone has a sim card screwed in. Some buyers will be able to take it out, but some may not, so be sure to mention that in your add. And if you can write a good ad, you can probably ask for a slightly higher price. Maybe not like that guy who started with a phone on Craigslist and kept swapping up to a porche, but a bit higher no doubt.

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