I am horrified with the moral and cultural collapse in this country.

The following are excerpts from a June 2010 interview between VCY America Ingrid Schlueter and Herescope author and researcher Sarah Leslie. We are reposting for those who may have missed this important piece.

(used with permission). Please refer to our article “CrossTalk on WorldNetDaily Article – Challenge to Dominionist Leaders – The Gospel Should Come First! where you can also listen to the full interview.”

INGRID: I want to say this. We have a group of leaders who are horrified with the moral collapse in this country. I am horrified with the cultural collapse in this country. We have a problem in identifying and discerning why our culture is collapsing. What we are seeing around us is not fruit of Christians not caring. It’s fruit of Christians abandoning the gospel. And if we’re not going to define the gospel along biblical terms, and we’re going to allow false teachers in among us, and we’re going to link arms with said false teachers, and we’re going to work with them who are preaching another gospel, who are teaching lies, if we’re going to link arms with them to save the culture, we are not only engaged in a futile effort, but God is going to, in turn, judge that conduct. Because judgment, Scripture tells us, begins at the house of God. (quote by Ingrid Schlueter in radio interview last week with Sarah Leslie (Discernment Ministries)) .

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