Free Book of the Week in 2012 (Only)

Free Book of the Week in 2012 (Only)

Gary North

An Economic Commentary on the Bible will be 31 volumes. I will publish them here . . . until December 31, 2012. On January 1, 2013, I will take them down.

Each week I will post a PDF of one volume. You can save it to your hard disk drive. At the beginning of 2013, I will remove them from this site.

I will publish the entire set on a CD-ROM. It will be digitally cross-indexed. It will be a bargain. I have not yet determined the price. It will be a lot more than zero.

I began writing this set in 1973. I am in the final proofreading state. I want help with proofreading. So, I am offering them for free, in hope that a few people will spot typographical errors, grammatical errors, spelling errors, and Bible citation errors. They will send emails to me warning me of these errors.

I will begin with the Book of Genesis and continue through the Book of Revelation.

No one has ever attempted a Bible commentary like this: what the Bible has to say about the details of an academic discipline.

I will begin my multi-volume project, Foundations of Christian Economics, in February. That has been my target date ever since 1977. That was my deadline for completing the exegetical work: 50 weeks a year, two hours a day. I met that deadline last year. I am now polishing the final texts.

You can help. Download at least one volume over the next 31 weeks. Read it. Send me corrections: Put this in the subject box: Book Corrections — [title/volume].

Here is the schedule:

Genesis (2 vols.)
Exodus (6 vols.)
Leviticus (4 vols.)
Numbers (1 volume)
Deuteronomy (4 vols.)

The remainder are one-volume books.

Historical books
I Corinthians
I Timothy

They will appear in reverse order: newest posting at the top.

Free Weekly Book #1: Genesis, Vol. 1
Gary North
Genesis lays the foundations for all thought. Economic theory is no exception. Genesis establishes origins. This is the starting point. . . . keep reading

Free Book of the Week in 2012 (Only).

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