Evangelicals have drunk unconsciously from a loose set of attitudes and ideas known as modernity.

R. Kent Hughes in his provocatively titled Are Evangelicals Born Again: The Character Traits of True Faith(Crossway, 1995) documents that “Evangelicals have drunk unconsciously from a loose set of attitudes and ideas known as modernity. Their confidence in the truth of biblical revelation has been subtly eroded by the culture’s insistence that objective truth cannot be known, and that all anyone can do is impose personal subjective categories onto reality. As a result evangelicals have increasingly privatized their faith and have become less concerned about its reasonableness. This retreat into self has become a fact of evangelical life…Self-focus diminishes God-focus, so that God is increasingly relegated to the periphera  of life, leaving evangelicals open to further invasions of worldliness. This is enhanced by modern life’s worship of technology’s brilliance, which effectively numbs moderns to the numinous and their need of God. The overall effect of modernity upon evangelicals has been to subvert their access to God and to shape them increasingly after the world. This is mirrored in the statistical evidence that there is very little difference in the television viewing habits of Christians and non-Christians, a fact that also increases self-absorption, a diminishing focus on the true God, and the descent into worldliness.” (p. 12).

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