On My List to See This Summer in England

The very first Christian Church ever built above ground is in England!

I want to explore how the Word was preserved through the 1,000 year period of the Dark and Middle Ages, when possession of scripture in any language other than Latin meant certain death at the hands of the organized church.

I hope to learn why the Apocrypha were printed in every Protestant Christians Bible until 1885.

I want to learn more about John Wycliffe, the first person to translate the Bible into English and see his church.

See William Tyndale’s illegal printing shop, which is a book store today, and find out why Tyndale was executed for being the first person to print the scriptures in English.

Find out about the 1535 first complete printed English Bible of Myles Coverdale, the 1537 Matthews Bible, and King Henry the Eighths 1539 Great Bible the first legal English Bible. Learn why the Bible of the Protestant Reformation, the 1560 English Geneva Bible, had to be printed in Switzerland due to the reign of Queen Bloody Mary. See how the 1568 Bishops Bible was revised to become the 1611 King James Bible, and how the King James version slowly replaced the much more popular Geneva Bible among early American Colonists.

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