Romney and McCain at Arizona Republican Love Fest By Robert Ringer – Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Romney and McCain at Arizona Republican Love Fest.

As you are undoubtedly aware, the Republican Gag Gathering of GOP state chairmen and Republican National Committee officials took place in Arizona last week.  Gag, of course, has a double meaning:  (1) Republicans surely had to be joking when they had John McMush introduce the already principle-challenged MittMan to the Republican brass, and (2) the whole thing makes you want to gag.

What is it that causes the mushy masochism that drives Republicans to seek out disaster year after year, decade after decade?  It wasn’t enough that the Republican Party stubbornly picked yet another RINO automaton, apparently believing that the 2008 election disaster was just an aberration.  No sir, it had to taunt conservatives by bringing McMush back from the dead and pushing him on stage, front and center, with MittMan.

The feedback is that Romney got a “strong introduction” from McMush.  Touching … really touching.  I’m told it brought Meghan McCain to tears.  Sweet little thing.

And, of course, Romney had his moderate mode on cruise control, once again being careful to say nice things about Der Fuhrbama.  He said he liked him as a man, but felt his decisions were disappointing.  Aw … shucks, Mitt.  You brought a tingle to my leg.

I’m told that the big-wig Republicans in attendance ate up every word, so much so that they felt much better about their liberal candidate’s chances in November.  They even gave McMush several standing ovations during his presentation of MittMan.

Always the gentleman, MittMan thanked his nomination rivals for making the contest “useful to GOP primary and caucus voters.”  Who knows, someday he may even get Santorum, Gingrich, Perry, and the rest of his bludgeoned Republican opponents to like him.

But Obama need not worry, because MittMan won’t be bludgeoning him.  He saves the bludgeoning for his Republican opponents.  As they say, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

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28 Responses to “Romney and McCain at Arizona Republican Love Fest”

  1. When will the people (republicans) realize that the present republican party is RINO?

    • Gill O’Teen says:

      Nobody denies that McCain is a genuine war hero. It’s what he’s done since that is so awful. Keep in mind that in 2008 he claimed that his best accomplishment in the Senate was his ability to compromise with the kommies (I paraphrase) and his name and that of a kommie called Feingold is all over a bill ruled unconstitutional because it transgressed the First Amendment.

      You are right that either of these white RINOs are better than the kommie in charge. But that’s like picking a motor scooter to beat a bicycle in a race. A third party or no vote is picking a pair of rusty roller skates. There is nothing more important this November than that Stanley’s boy child be forced to pay for his own vacations after this year. So hold your nose one more time and do your part to keep America less slave. To do any less is tantamount to treason.

      • Fred says:

        Tommyg…wow…tough position. Do you compromise your principles and vote for a liar to get the worse liar out of the office or do you stay true to them and abstain from voting all together (contributing to the much more rapid decline of our nation)? What is the bigger committment? Part of me wants to tell you, “hey man, it’s not about you!”. I have an 8 year old son that had nothing to do with this mess and another 4 years of that SOB and he may not have a country to grow up in. Is Romney better? Marginally, yes. Will anything really change in this country? No, absolutely not, but he will delay it’s inevitable fall. The only hope that exists is when people learn HOW to think because until then, there will always be some piece of crap politician telling them WHAT to think. And they will believe whatever their unused, fearful, insecure mind wants them to believe will keep them in mindless denial for a little while longer. The elite fears people learning how to think more than anything else because their power rests entirely on mass ignorance. Maybe in the 4 years that Romney buys us, we can get more people to start thinking. That’s what my team is committed to. Throwing up your hands is just pure apathy. We simply can’t afford that now. If you really believe in this nation and what it once stood for, do whatever it takes to move the ball forward. If you want to know more about how we plan to get the country thinking again, I’m happy to share more.

    • frank says:

      robin…first of all anyone who reads robert ringer knows he is not the jealous type…….secondly you make libertarian sound like a bad thing..our founding fathers were…bold..brave and their gov’r the usa was a spectacular success and they were all
      for mccain his military record was great but he is not a good senator and was a weak camaigner against obama…
      as for mittman he was a brilliant businessman and liberal but obama is better at being a liberal than mittman…i.e.
      the liberals will not vote for romney…obama has more practice…

      to me it is amazing that the majority of gop voters are much more conservative that mccain or romney and yet the party stubbornly promotes/nominates the liberal
      minority candidate in spite of the defeat of this strategy over and over least dubya was more conservative and a better campaigner than romney….

      prediction…..romney will lose by a slightly bigger margin
      than mccain….this will be the consequence of the rinos ignoring the views of the majority of the gop party…

  2. earl adkins says:

    Its time for a third party and the republicans leadership did it to themselves.I only wonder if it’s intentional or they just that stupid.

    It was the Tea Party in 2010 that brought back conservatism from the ashes.You think the republican leadership would remember who butters their bread.

    I can’t do it anymore,I can’t hold my nose when I cast a vote.

    God bless America,because there are some dark days ahead.

  3. Michael Berry says:

    The way I see it… It doesn’t matter to the RINOS who gets elected, a Republician or Democrat. If MittMan beats BHO or if BHO wins again, thing ain’t a gonna change. We’ll still be on the path for the Progressives’ destruction of our America as we used to know it.
    We have to replace every Progressive in both the House and the Senate. Then the replacements have to, at our behest, pass laws that limit the abusive use of Presidential Executive Orders. Next, they must pass a comprehensive budget, with deep spending cuts and roll-backs of useless spending on things Americans don’t want or can’t afford to fund.
    If that doesn’t happen, we’re screwed again.AND it won’t happen unless Americans with some stiffness in their backbones get out of their cozy cocoons and go VOTE.
    I vote in every election; local, county, state and national. We have 1527 registered voters in our precinct. I check the ballot counter on the machine late in the day and see that only 27 to 30 people have voted. (Presidential election counts were much higher.) That is abysmal. Many general elections have already been lost in the primary election.
    To me voting is a full time occupation, not something one does once every four years.
    It’s time for us to get “mad as hell” and not put up with the status quo. “Revolt with your Vote”

  4. Gill O’Teen says:

    If rumknee manages to win in November, it will not be on his merits. It will be for no other reason than the alternative is so bad. The father of obummerkare is a potential train wreck. the incompetent incumbent is what remains of a train wreck involving a full school bus. A vote for anyone other than the progressive former guv’nor is a vote for 4 more years of outright and unrestrained dictatorial rule.

    At least, if rumknee wins and winds up nudging us to the left, we can fire him in 4 years. If the nudger from hell gets another term, there will not be another election – we’ll be stuck in the quicksands of wonworld.

  5. texas wolfie says:

    In my opinion, a third party must start at the local levels of government. We (Tea Party) have trashed 3 city council people, 2 county clerks, and am in the process of electing a Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz for senator No way are you going to get a president any time soon. Think 12 years or so..

    • topeka says:


      yes… and the young folks need to know they will have to slog through the mire for a long time.

      Most of my father’s generation thought bravery was screaming epithets at Leftist professors about better men caught in a politically made quagmire…

      today most of my kid’s friends think you just push the remote and the channel changes.

      Not to criticize our young Turks – who get it – and are fighting for it – just that we have lots and lots of sheeple to convert…

    • Bullwink33 says:

      Hey !!!Wake Up , Divide and conquer ! ? Mittman is a start in the right direction ! a successful biz person and intelligent man, Politics is not a fair game, Winning is what’s important,if you could tolerate more Obama baby talk , Go to ,,,,but get outta here, Mittman as gov of Mass took on MASSPORT and other boondogles and made progress, the other guys got nuthin’ to do and are EVIL !
      a long journey begins w/ a single step,
      it’s too late already ! I’ll move to Canada w/ it’s icky Socialism, at least it’s pretty…
      Third Parties SCHMARTIES, SCHMUCKIES, the Republicans are goofy but, today I met a young pregnent woman,who was drinking in public and offered to sell me drugs, already a lifetime WELFARE Recipient and what about the child she’s carrying ? I no longer think i’m losing my mind, I don’t have time to look for it anymore……….

  6. Ken Okko says:

    This Robert Ringer guy has been spot on over the past 20+ years that I have been reading and learning from him. He is a great Libertarian just like Ron/Rand Paul and Judge Napolitano. We would be wise to pay attention to, read, listen, and learn from them all. It is time to stuff the Establishment–they have had their opportunities and their failures are obvious, apparent and numerous. End The WarS, End The Foreign Aid, End the debasement and counterfeiting of our currency by Ending the UN-Constitutional Federal Reserve system. Until this happens—there is no hope to return to the REPUBLIC that has provided us with Liberty, Freedom, PEACE, Prosperity and Honest Money in the past. IMO

  7. topeka says:


    Rombama is a disappointment. He will not only sell out to the bankers, and Wall Street, and Europe, and DC…

    my bet is he will discriminate: Democrats will get the first fruits at free money, guaranteed loans, bridges to nowhere, and RINO’s will stand in back.

    Conservatives – especially if they need some bacon or an earmark to take home as a consolation prize – will get nothing.

    Appointments? … I’m not holding my breath. He may hire some more people to enforce EEOE – to protect the Fed from the possibility of hiring non-communists.

    And I don’t think he will fire any Dem’s either.

    E.O.’s? I think RO may be decent enough to stop f&f – not to avoid killing cops or whiteys – but to protect drug dealers from our weapons.

    And Scotus? My bet: He will not give us another ACLU GC…. so we will have a Sourpuss, O’Cave-in, ur-Kiddin’me, or a So-closed-minded-my-ear…

    … the good news: The MSM will report all his Lefty decisions as crimes against humanity. And we will take blame…

    wow! I just can’t wait…

    • Tommyg says:

      Don’t worry Robert, Romney will lose to Obama. I have said this before, this country will have to hit rock bottom before it will wake up, and put conservatives back in charge. I will not vote for the liar Romney.

  8. Tom says:

    Right wing red left wing blue,both wings are still attached to the same dirty bird. How long will American’s hide their heads in the sand and ignore the voice crying in the wilderness of ignorance. Blessing on you Ron Paul, may you be protected from the snare of these liars in Washington. The media (Fox included) that try to make Ron look like the one who is deceived, they are all living in dream land. What scares me is that even conservatives (so called) believe what Fox news tells them about Ron Paul. who is the only one that has stood in this wilderness of liar’s and has continually spoken the truth…..

  9. BLH557 says:

    It is “funny”, not funny ha-ha, just plain strange, that some people haven’t come to grips with the point that, like it or not, Mitt-Man has received the VOTES of PEOPLE not the ethereal “establishment” that we all know is “out there” lurking in the darkness (kind of like Dr. Paul’s Aluminum foil hats) waiting to damage the ego-ozone layer of good libertarians and conservatives. Hey, I get it; you think Romney’s an East-Coast Moderate RINO… guess what? HE IS! Get over it and vote for whomever you wish, but man up and admit that YOU are the one(s) who voted the guy in! Stop whining and join a Tea Party and keep the pressure on those who will always be there.


    • reunion says:

      “keep the pressure on”…lol. no air in the tires, ever, and your “advice” is to just keep pumping. hot air. & horsewhips.

      18 grams of inositol per day does wonders for obsessive-compulsive disorder…..

      • Reality Seeker says:

        “18 grams of inositol”

        230 grains of self-inflicted lead will also do the trick.

        Collectivists to the left of me, collectivists to the right……

  10. Edna Earle Crews says:

    Dear Mr. Ringer:
    Your are 100% right. It appears that the GOP has a death wish, for they do continue to shoot themselves in the foot with these RINO candidates. Even before McCain, I thought Mr. Dole was a poor choice. Why can they not THINK and realize that to get elected they must have a real Conservative. They do not need to play Mr. Nice guy. GRRRR it is enough to make me want to scream. With Mr. Romney as the candidate, they will be giving the election to Obama on a silver platter.
    Woe to America. Do you think they could realize this and change their minds and give Americans a candidate that could give us change that would save our nation?

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