We Are a Nation That Cannot Spell

I have posted this before, but a recent article has brought it to the forefront. Research revealed that a third of adults cannot spell the words “definitely” or “separate.” Two thirds to not know how to spell “necessary.” Many write “loose” when “lose” is what they mean.

Grammar faux pas are next. Everyone, including television announcers, say “me and so-and-so.” Do not they know that the other person’s name always comes before theirs? It should be “so-and-so and me,” or “so-and-so and I.” Remove “so-and-so” to determine if “me” or “I” is the proper personal pronoun. Next is when reporters on television say that something is “centers around.” You cannot center “around” anything, you can only center “on” something. My final misuse of grammar for this brief rant is the use of “in regards to,” when it is supposed to be “in regard to.”

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One Response to We Are a Nation That Cannot Spell

  1. Laura says:

    We are a nation that cannot spell. And sadly, we don’t care.

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