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Over 80% of Christians who marry aren’t virgins

Don’t Rush Into Marriage For Sex, But … Posted by Jim_Daly on Jul 10, 2012 2:45:55 PM It was the comedian Jeff Foxworthy who once said that getting married for sex is like buying a 747 for the free peanuts. … Continue reading

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According to research, ten million people are awake at 3 AM in America, and seven million of them are working.

7-Eleven celebrates its 85th anniversary today (7/11/12) and to mark the occasion, stores will be handing out free seven-ounce Slurpees. And all the kids – and adults who have a little kid inside them – rejoiced. Coming from a business … Continue reading

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There never will be a revival in this country until…

Namby-pamby, feel-good, I’m-okay-you’re-okay, seeker friendly Christianity has not worked. In fact, it is probably a major cause of the problem we are facing today. A recent poll says that 80% of Americans claim to be Christians. If that is the … Continue reading

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The Bible: The Book of Books, by Walter Scott

The Bible is the Book of books, the Pearl in the libraries of the world, the best and most wonderful Book in existence. This is the only Book which has God for its author. The Bible is God’s priceless gift … Continue reading

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It’s MGB’s 50th anniversary year

It’s MGB’s 50th anniversary year, so there’s something appropriate about a brand-new riff on the MGB powered by a Mazda Miata engine. After all, it was the Mazda that finally supplanted the MGB as the world’s best-selling compact sports car. … Continue reading

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God Will Be with You

A thought taken from the writings of Charles Spurgeon If God be with us, we are in ennobling company. If God be with us, we have all-sufficient strength, for nothing is too hard for the Lord.  If God be with … Continue reading

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