The Bible: The Book of Books, by Walter Scott

The Bible is the Book of books, the Pearl in the libraries of the world, the best and most wonderful Book in existence. This is the only Book which has God for its author. The Bible is God’s priceless gift to the human race. Every unit of the vast human family is directly responsible to God, the Creator and Preserver of mankind, and the Upholder of the universe.

What a blessing the Bible has been to thousands of all ages! Its sublime doctrines, its divine revelations, turning darkness into light, death into life, despair into gladness. The Bible is a miracle working book. The Bible has saved and reclaimed drunkards, harlots, murderers, thieves, and the scum in the dregs of humanity. No book written by a human has done that. The Bible reveals a personal God, the Creator, the Center, and the Sustainer of the universe.

From the third chapter of Genesis and onwards, moral ruin of man is a fact, and that fact demands a Savior. The Bible reveals God’s eternal Son as the Savior of all who truly believe in His blessed name. “He that believes on the Son has everlasting life.”

The Bible touches every phase of human life from infancy to old age. It reveals the past, it unfolds the future, it covers all time, it embraces all eternity. It throws its searchlight on every being, on every word uttered or deed done under the sun.

Read and study the Bible.

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