John Roberts Overrules Parole Board, Frees Mark David Chapman, by Harvey Mastersen

John Roberts Overrules Parole Board, Frees Mark David Chapman…Harvey Mastersen


John Roberts, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, overruled the parole board today in a decision to free Mark David Chapman, the man who shot and killed John Lennon.


“I am a maverick, and America needs me to continue to go against the grain of what people think is fair, decent, and right. Mark David Chapman, contrary to the views of the parole board, contrary to society’s sense of justice, and contrary to common sense, is worthy of freedom after serving many years behind bars. I have a legacy to build — my legacy — and freeing Mark David Chapman is part of that legacy.”


The Chief Justice’s ruling comes on the heels of his landmark ruling on Obamacare, in which he famously declared the individual mandate to be a “tax” despite 535 members of Congress denying that it was a tax, and despite a president who denied it was a tax.


Justice Roberts reiterated his motives for these controversial rulings:


“In coming to this decision to free Mr. Chapman, I was moved by his comments at his 2010 parole board hearing, at which he reportedly said “I felt by killing John Lennon I would become somebody,” and I can relate to this, because I felt that by voting in favor of the constitutionality of Obamacare, I would become somebody.”


A majority of Americans were outraged, once again, by Roberts’ inexplicably craven and destructive actions, but at the same time Liberals once again found themselves applauding Roberts’ surprise decision, including mr. Barack Obama, who supported it with conviction:


“Chief Justice Roberts again showed that he is entirely divorced from the American mainstream and a man who is not afraid to break the bonds of American culture and historical jurisprudence.  It is decisions like this that give me confidence in my ability to systematically destroy all that is sacred here and to make Americans not recognize their own increasingly bankrupt country.”


The latest Roberts ruling has left many wondering what he will do next, how far will he go?

And pondering that the rule of law, as against the rule of men, has bequeathed Americans with 240 years of glorious success in these United States, but that such enlightened realities are perhaps not meant to last

John Roberts Overrules Parole Board, Frees Mark David Chapman.

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