• Do you devote yourself to the teaching of your pastor and your church or do you accept only those things that agree with your interpretation of the Bible?
  • Do you search the scriptures to see if what is being taught is true?
  • Do you see lives being changed because of the teaching of the church?
  • Do you devote yourself to the fellowship of the body of Christ?
  • How much do you support the various ministries of your church with your presence and time?
  • Are you supportive of the mercy ministry of your church?
  • Are you truly joyful because you know Christ?
  • Is joy exhibited in your church’s worship and gatherings?
  • Are your leadership meetings times full of grateful prayer and joyful fellowship?
  • Are you and your membership thankful for the circumstances of the church and of their lives?
  • Is your life and the life of your church characterized by obedience to God and sweet expressions of praise to Him?
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