FEMINISM…Christina Hoff Sommers has written a most helpful article in the March edition of The Atlantic

“What if gender difference turns out to be a phenomenon not of oppression, but rather of social well-being?” Sommers cites the disparity between men and women in engineering as an example. Perhaps American women earn fewer degrees in engineering because they do not have to do so. They have more opportunities to pursue careers that really interest them. Women now earn a majority of Ph.D.’s in the humanities, biology, social sciences and health sciences. As Sommers shows, “Despite 40 years of consciousness-raising and gender-neutral pronouns, most men and women still gravitate to different fields and organize their lives in different ways.””

“In a 2013 national poll on modern parenthood, the Pew Research Center asked mothers and fathers to identify their “ideal” working arrangement. Amazingly, 50% of mothers said they would prefer to work part-time and 11% said they would prefer not to work at all. Of the fathers, 75% said they preferred full-time work.”

“Sommers writes that “Sandberg [Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, has just published Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead] seems to believe that the choices of contemporary American women are not truly free. [Indeed Sandberg writes: “True equality will be achieved only when we all fight the stereotypes that hold us back.”] But aren’t American women as self-determining as any in the history of humanity? In place of bland-assertions, Sandberg needs to explain why the life choices of educated, intelligent women in liberal, opportunity-rich societies are unfree. And she needs to explain why the choices she promotes will make women happier and more fulfilled.””

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