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America is Now a Police State

APRIL 26TH, 2013 Boston house-to-house search unleashed dangerous precedent “It is the search power combined with other laws that become a powerful tool of repression.” Amen. Reader, read carefully and ponder. I don’t care how much you think it can … Continue reading

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Mark Sanford, South Carolina Fiasco

The disaster taking place in South Carolina where the Republican nominee, disgraced former governor Mark Sanford, got himself into a new round of trouble as he faces charges of trespassing. The polls show Sanford trailing the Democrat (Stephen Colbert’s sister, … Continue reading

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“Avoid the pitfalls of leveraging, overborrowing, and overspending”

Warren Buffett may have learned a few things from one Hetty Green. According to Kirkus Reviews’ report on “The Richest Woman in America: Hetty Green in the Gilded Age” by Janet Wallach (Talese/Doubleday, $27.95), Green was rejected by her parents … Continue reading

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The Phenomenon of Ever-Younger Killers

Fatal shooting of paramedic Quinn Boyer contrasts good, bad By Scott Herhold,, Posted:   04/20/2013 04:01:00 PM PDT Click photo to enlarge A spontaneous memorial at Santa Clara County Ambulance Company in San Jose in… ( Dai Sugano ) In all … Continue reading

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Race and the Gun Debate by [very liberal] Juan Williams

The No. 1 cause of death for African-American men between the ages of 15 and 34: being murdered with a gun. By JUAN WILLIAMS, March 27, 2013 in the Wall Street Journal This week much of the talk about gun control … Continue reading

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The Architect of Destruction By Maureen Scott

March 1, 2013 “Obama comes from a community organizer background where it’s us against them. But that’s not who we are. And that’s not the position the leader of our Nation should take.” – Dr. Benjamin Carson Obama appears to … Continue reading

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Climate scientists struggle to explain warming slowdown, by Alister Doyle

 Oh the arrogance of man! Man thinks that he can control the macro environment of this earth.  The wisdom of man is foolishness with God. Sure, man can pollute a stream or pour much smoke in the sky over a … Continue reading

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Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew on what makes America great—and what threatens its greatness. by Peggy Noonan

Noonan: A Statesman’s Friendly Advice I found myself engrossed this week by the calm, incisive wisdom of one of the few living statesmen in the world who can actually be called visionary. The wisdom is in a book, “Lee Kuan … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis Laying The Groundwork For A One World Religion? by Michael Synder

  Does Pope Francis intend to help the global elite achieve their goal of uniting all of the religions of the world under a single banner?  Will he be instrumental in establishing a single global religion for the glorious “new … Continue reading

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Is The Takedown Of Gold A Sign That The Entire Global Financial System Is About To Crash? by Michael Synder

   2  2 Somebody out there is sure getting prepared for something really big.  We have just witnessed a takedown of gold and silver unlike anything that we have witnessed in decades.  On Monday, the price of gold had fallen … Continue reading

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