Marriage is more than a legal or a constitutional matter” by Jim Eckman

“For those of us committed to genuine biblical Christianity, marriage is far more than merely a legal or a constitutional matter.  The Creation Ordinance of God stipulates unambiguously that marriage is between a man and a woman for life.  There is no room for any kind of moral or cultural relativism on this issue.

However, western civilization is now characterized by the radical relativism of Postmodernism.  Personal autonomy trumps all ethical absolutes and “what works for me” is the new ethical standard.  Void of all ethical absolutes, this passion for autonomy is the driving force and the ideology of the Postmodern world.  Hence, same-sex marriage is deeply rooted in the ideology of Postmodernism.

But, there is a more pernicious form of ethical relativism surfacing in America as well.  Former Vice President Dick Cheney and more recently Senator Rob Portman of Ohio exemplify this “softer” form of ethical relativism.  Both Cheney and Portman have children who are gay.  Both had been staunch opponents of the gay lifestyle and of same-sex marriage.  No longer.  Loving our children does not mean we must embrace their ethical choices.  This is one of the most difficult and harsh dimensions of parenting—loving and accepting our children, even if they make sinful and unethical lifestyle choices.

As Mohler observes, “This softer, non-ideological version of moral relativism presents persons of moral [and ethical] conviction with a clear challenge.  Will we hold to our principles and moral [and ethical] convictions, even when a son or daughter is involved?  If not, our convictions will be relativized and our moral credibility will be undermined.”

We are witnessing one of the most massive ethical shifts in western civilization—and over a very short period of time!  Indeed, the re-definition of marriage manifests powerfully a civilization anchored firmly in mid-air.  Rather than the ethical standards clearly defined by our Creator, we rely on feelings, public opinion and political expediency to define the ethical boundaries of life.  What a recipe for cultural chaos and disaster!

Mohler writes that “Evangelical Christians are now called upon to think strategically about what it means to speak truthfully to a society that increasingly sees us as moral outlaws.  Clearly, we must watch our speech carefully, measuring every word for truth and tone and avoiding incendiary sound bites.  We must also guard our hearts toward the persistent temptation towards self-righteousness.  But, at the same time, even the most humble statement of biblical truth can now be turned into a sound bite described as hate speech, and a refusal to affirm the normalization of homosexuality is turned into repulsive intolerance.  We now face no shortage of arguments for capitulation, but abandoning the truth of God’s Word is not an option.  We deny the gospel if we deny the sinfulness of sin.”

This includes sexual sin, indeed every sin we all commit before God.  But the Gospel and its transforming power know no bounds and they are both offered to every human being, regardless of the nature or the depth of the sin.  The challenge we now face is enormous but the grace of God and the transforming power of His Gospel remain our only hope!”

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