“Churches have difficulty attracting men”…William Lane Craig

One overwhelming impression of these engagements [apologetic debates] is the way in which the intellectual defense of Christian faith attracts men. Both at Texas A&M and again at Miami every single student who got up to ask a question was a guy! I wondered if the girls are just shy. But then I remembered a lengthy clip Jan and I watched of cast members of Downton Abbey doing a Q&A with an audience in New York. Almost every person who came to the microphone at that event was a woman! It wasn’t until late into the evening that a man finally asked a question, which was remarked by all the cast members. Why the difference between that session and the ones I experienced?—simply because the Downton Abbey program is highly relational, which is more appealing to women, whereas my talks were principally intellectually oriented, which is more appealing to men.

Churches have difficulty attracting men, and the church is becoming increasingly feminized. I believe that apologetics is a key to attracting large numbers of men (as well as women) to church and to Christ. By presenting rational arguments and historical evidences for the truth of the Gospel, by appealing to the mind as well as the heart, we can bring a great influx of men into the Kingdom. I’m so pleased that the church in Canada seems to be awakening to this challenge! I’m convinced that we have the opportunity to revolutionize Western Christianity by reclaiming our intellectual heritage.

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One Response to “Churches have difficulty attracting men”…William Lane Craig

  1. wordvixen says:

    So, the fact that evangelical women are raised to believe that they’re not supposed to have authority in a church and how often Paul is referenced in how women should behave in church (Don’t speak! Be meek! Be humble!) has nothing to do with it?

    If this Mr. Craig comes across half as condescending in person as he does in this one (very short) post, there is no reason to wonder why the women don’t speak up at his talks! Either they view HIM as intellectually inferior, or they assume that he has no interest in what they have to say. You can not insult a person’s intelligence and then wonder why they choose to not engage you in an intellectual discussion.

    Know what the real difference is between the Downton Abbey talk and any talk that this man gives? The women and their questions are VALUED at the Downton Abbey talk.

    Also, I must know, why is this post supposedly about attracting men to church when 3/4 of it is actually about women? Poor writing? Bait and switch?

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