Who is this guy, Obama? Where was he born? by Dr. John Grady

Obama Columbia UniversityI know that there exists conspiracy theorists, and I have always dismissed them. There are those who firmly believe the Americans never landed on the moon and that Bush and Cheney planted explosives in the twin towers to bring them down. These are the same people who believe in the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy. However, the background of our current president has been so shaded and so hidden that it is more than mere theory of conspiracy. As much as the Left hated Bush, his life was an open book. This is not the case with the person occupying the White House. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness.” There is something behind how a person can come from absolute obscurity to blind the eyes of millions of people and attain the office of the most powerful person in the world, is completely beyond rational comprehension.

Who is this guy, Obama? Where was he born? Who was his father? (Was it Frank Marshal Davis, the Communist organizer for the state of Hawaii? Circumstances and appearances highly suggest it.) Did he go to school as a foreign student, and was he listed as a Muslim? (He was certainly an Indonesian and a Muslim when his mother married Soetoro and lived with him in Jakarta.) Who sponsored Obama all along ? Who paid his way? With no income, how did he get into two prestigious Ivy League schools? Where did he get the money to travel abroad while still a student? What passports did he use for his trips to Indonesia, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan; and why are the government passport records for that time missing? Where are his selective service records, and why are those government files also missing? Why does he have a Connecticut Social Security number (Obama never lived in Connecticut). This number which belonged to an immigrant who died in Hawaii — a number that is listed in the ID systems as invalid? Where are all of his supposed school records? Where are the records which should identify the huge illegal foreign contributions made to his political campaigns? There are a hundred other important, indeed vital, questions. And are you aware that Obama, upon being elected, immediately issued an order that no personal information about himself could be released by any school, agency, etc.? There is surely much for him to hide!

When, after much concern and negative publicity, Obama’s first birth certificate was produced, it was exposed as fraudulent. Then the White House published another long form birth certificate which scores of computer graphic and document experts took apart line by line and layer by layer to prove that this was also grossly fraudulent. Is there anything at all valid or transparent about this man? Is Obama really the “Manchurian Candidate” created to destroy America. How about the Israeli woman who worked many years for the Egyptian government intelligence agency, and swears that at that time she intercepted communications from the Saudis which stated that they would finance and put their own man in the White House in 2008. (Well, he bowed to the Saudi King, didn’t he!)Why aren’t people in positions of authority, like those in the Congress, asking these questions and demanding answers? Why are judges refusing to allow these challenges to be brought before the court. All of this is like the fable of the emperor’s clothes. Numerous former friends or associates of Obama have come forward to testify to his pot smoking and drug use, his homosexual activities, and his Marxist, revolutionary beliefs. After all, the grandparents who raised him were Socialists, and they sent his mother to a communist school for her education. Then young “Barry” was mentored for years by a card-carrying communist organizer. Yes, these are serious character flaws and damaging influences. But what about the U.S. Constitution and other issues of law, and the threat to the nation ? Where are the men of principle and those who have sworn to defend the nation against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. We may have a man in the White House who qualifies as both a foreign and domestic enemy. Face the fact: The American people know very little about this man that has been elected president. Were it not so serious for both the nation, the people, and for generations yet to come, the 52 percent who put him in office would deserve to suffer the consequences of their ignorant and selfish blunder. But sadly, all will suffer. Anyone who is not concerned about these issues, and will not demand that Truth and Fact be brought forth, is not a worthy citizen of the great nation, and is possibly contributing to the downfall of the Republic. Think about it!!! — Dr. John Grady

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