LACON “Many Things in Few Words” addressed to those who think

“Lacon, or Many Things in Few Words, addressed to those who think,”originally appeared towards the end of 1820 as a series of aphorisms that comprise anecdotes and witticisms on various aspects of human existence. Authored by Rev. Charles Caleb Colton, a man of great intellect and energy. He had a prodigious appetite for knowledge and a driving need share it. Educated at Cambridge, he produced a substantial body of writing, both prose and poetry, which for elegance, grace, and wit, could hardly be equaled. These aphorisms speak with rare truth and wisdom, and often with great humor. They will resonate and ring true as much today as they ever did.

I came across this book while browsing the shops of Reading in England. One of the aphorisms by Rev. Colton, that we all know is, “Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.”

In reference to the universe, Rev. Colton wrote, “The farther we advance in knowledge, the more simplicity shall we discover in those primary rules and regulate all the apparently endless, complicated, and multi-form operation the Godhead. To Him, indeed, all time is but a moment, and all space but a point, and He fills both, but is bounded by neither.”

I will definitely enjoy reading this book.

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