Hatching, Matching, Dispatching

While catching up on the hidden rules of English behavior, especially religion, sadly I read the following,

“religion is largely irrelevant to the lives of most English people nowadays” “marriage, death, and to a lesser extent birth, are now the only contact point the Church of England has with parishioners” “Some might attend a service at Christmas, and even smaller number at Easter, but for most, church attendance is limited to weddings, funerals, and perhaps christenings.” Hatchings, matchings, and dispatchings. “In practice only about 15% of those in England calling themselves Christians actually go to church on a regular basis.”

“Most in England are not christened and only about one half get married in church, but almost all have a Christian funeral of some sort.” “The church of England is the least religious church on earth.”

The writer went on to say, “We are not a nation of explicit, unequivocal atheists. Nor are we agnostics. Both of these imply a degree of interest in whether or not there is a deity–enough either to reject or question the notion. Most English people are just not much bothered about it.” “We are not only indifferent but, worse, we are politely indifferent, tolerantly indifferent, benignly indifferent. “Other people are very welcome to worship Him if they choose–it’s a free country–but this is a private matter, and they should keep it to themselves and not bore or embarrass the rest of us by making an unnecessary fuss about it.” “To mention one’s faith would be very bad form.”

“Our benign indifference remains benign only as long as the religious, of any persuasion, stay in their place and refrain from discomforting the nonpracticing, spiritually neutral majority with embarrassing or tedious displays of religious zeal.”

When removing God from society and doing everything possible to make a country and its society, secular, the downward spiral begins affecting every segment of life and society. As Nietzsche said, “If there is no God everything is permissible.”

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