Cohabiting/Shacking Up…bad for children

New study: 9 out of 10 children born to co-habiting shacking up couples this year will see parents split by the time they are 16

From the UK Daily Mail.cohabitation


Nearly nine out of ten babies born to co-habiting parents this year will have seen their family break up by the time they reach the age of 16, says a study.

Half of all children born this year will not be living with both natural parents when they reach their mid-teens, and almost all those who suffer family breakdown will be the children of unmarried parents, added the report.

The study, based on figures from the national census and large-scale academic surveys, extrapolates from current trends and calculates that just 9 per cent of babies born to cohabiting couples today will still have their parents living together by the time they are 16.

The report adds that the declining popularity of marriage and the rise of co-habitation will damage the lives of increasing numbers of children.

The figures were produced by researcher Harry Benson, of the Marriage Foundation think tank, who said: ‘The report provides solid evidence that married parents are more stable than unmarried parents.

‘The contrast between married and unmarried parents who remain intact by the time their children reach their teenage years demonstrates that marital status plays a crucial role in family breakdown.

‘With family breakdown costing an estimated £46 billion a year – more than the entire defence budget – in addition to the immeasurable social damage, it is clearly in the interest of the Government and the taxpayer to work to counter this devastating trend.’

Here in the United States, the cost of family breakdown $112 billion per year, and rising as the illegitimacy rate rises.

The feminist movement has sold the women of the West, a bill of goods, and they bought it…Sex without commitment. For the replenishment of the species, God gave human beings the sex drive. He gave man the greater sex drive to be the pursuer and to women, a more limited sex drive to be able to blunt the urges of the man. This is so that families would be created. For the family is the cornerstone of civilization. The family is also a picture, here on earth, of Christ and his Bride, the Church. A man and a woman together make a child, and a man and a woman together are needed to raise the child.

Man wanting, needing, desiring sex, drives man to a commitment with woman. If the woman tells the, “No sex until marriage,” the man will marry the woman.  When women give sex away freely with no commitment, most men, especially those lacking a moral underpinning, will take this. When marriage breaks down, society breaks down.

Considering the natural urges of the species, man will give a woman love to get sex, and a women will give sex to get love. Unfortunately, this does not work in the long run.

I have often said that the two dumbest groups of humans are young girls and old men. Young girls fall for the line, “If you love me, you will give in.” Young women so want to marry that they give away the very thing that gives them an advantage over man. Conversely many old men still have a sex drive (that includes 99.999% of all old men) and believe that certain young girls desire them for who they are, when the young girls are only wanting their money. How many “Sugar Daddies” have we seen?

Finally, I get so turned off and disgusted by these TV shows that present cohabiting couples as the norm. I enjoy watching HGTV, however when the segment centers on a cohabiting couple (not to mention a homosexual couple) I am usually so disgusted that I will change the channel.

Is now encouraging to read that even secular media and sociologists are understanding the societal problems created because of cohabiting couples. Cohabitation without a lifelong commitment is a major detriment to a well functioning society.

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