Unlocking your Legacy: 25 Keys for Success, by Paul J Meyer

When all is said and done, each of us will leave only four things behind:

  1. Memories-thoughts that others have of us
  2. Souvenirs-proof of our existence.
  3. Trophies-records of our achievements.
  4. Legacies-everything you are and possess today.

Eventually, memories will fade and souvenirs and trophies will be lost, stolen, or sold at garage sales. Only our legacies will remain. Admittedly, preparing a good legacy will take time and money, but don’t let that stop you. Your legacy will also involve everything you do, say, think, and plan. Learn the important keys to:

  1. keeping your word
  2. being a person of integrity
  3. laughing at life and living worry free
  4. making your priorities your priority–and keeping them
  5. making, keeping, and passing on your wealth
  6. knowing God in a personal way
  7. seeing others eye to eye

Whatever your past, tomorrow is your future. When you live with the future in mind, you almost feel like you are living for someone else. In essence, you are. It is your legacy.

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