top 3 countries where MILLIONAIRES invest in real estate

Top 3 Countries for Chinese Real Estate Investors

| August 1, 2014 |

Chinese real estate investors are so hindered by housing regulations at home that they pour billions of dollars into foreign real estate markets each year.

Despite years’ worth of rumors that the Chinese economy is going down the tubes any day now, Chinese investors continue to bring millions of dollars to real estate markets in other countries in an effort to generate wealth and protect their assets from their own government’s economic manipulations. Thanks to stringent real estate laws in China that prevent most investors from buying multiple properties in their own countries, Chinese investors are some of the most active international real estate investors in the market today. Three countries top the list when it comes to attracting Chinese buyers. Check them out and let us know if you agree with the international trends.

3. Canada

Chinese investors love Canadian property because of the country’s growing commercial ties with their native country and an attractive location “just across” the Pacific Ocean. Chinese investors favor Vancouver and Toronto[1].

2. Australia

Chinese investors have had a presence in Australia for years thanks to the country’s mining boom that started in 2008. Much of the Chinese activity in Australia is actually commercial, but due to relaxed foreign investment standards recently released by Beijing, smaller investors are now looking at the country as well because they do not have to get regulatory approval from their own country before buying as long as they spend less than $1 billion USD[2].

1.United States

The United States boasts multiple major metro markets that Chinese investors simply cannot get enough of. According to, a Chinese real estate portal, the U.S. is the lead destination for Chinese investors, who particularly favor New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. More and more investors are actually opting to acquire properties sight-unseen though social media and other web listings in order to acquire high-end properties quickly and beat out competition. Presently, California cities are climbing in popularity because of the state’s relative proximity to China.

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