Turkey and NATO—the End of the Line” Caroline Glick

In her column titled “Turkey and NATO—the End of the Line,” Caroline Glick began by saying that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s optimism about Turkey’s commitment to the alliance is misplaced.

Then she documented Turkey’s track record:
For nearly 14 years, since his AKP party first won the national elections in late 2002, Erdoğan and his followers have made clear that they are ideologically—and therefore permanently—hostile to the West. … Ever since then, Erdoğan has paid lip service, and even assisted NATO and the EU from time to time, when it served his momentary interests to do so. But the consistent trend of his behavior has been negative. … Erdoğan was the first major leader to embrace Hamas after its electoral victory in the 2006 elections. … During Hezbollah’s 2006 war against Israel, Turkey was caught red handed as it allowed Iran to move weapons systems to Hezbollah through Turkish territory. Erdoğan has turned a blind eye to al Qaeda. And he has permitted [the Islamic State] to use Turkey as its logistical base, economic headquarters and recruitment center. Earlier this year the State Department claimed that all of the 25,000 foreign recruits to [the Islamic State] have entered Syria through Turkey. …

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