Help with WordPress

A number of years ago in Internet time I wanted a place to store interesting articles. I did not want to use space on my hard drive. I heard about blogging but I was not interested in creating anything original I merely wanted to save items I deemed interesting and perhaps share them with others. Somehow I was led to WordPress. I began copying and pasting articles to WordPress and publishing them. I could always retrieve my articles when I wanted to look at them again. 

As long as I can remember I clipped magazine and newspaper articles for future reference keeping them in folders. Along came computers allowing electronic storage. Now the Cloud allowing storage with acces no matter the device I am using and from whet I am using the device as long as I have access to the Internet. I use Box, Dropbox, IDrive, iCloud, Google drive, and everything else for storing all that I have including photos and videos.

Bringing us back to WordPress. Now I think I would like to begin writing my thoughts and sharing/storing them, so I went back to WordPress. But, I am having a problem with restoring my drafts. I begin writing, save it as a draft with the intention of going back and writing more, but I cannot locate the draft for future writing, I must be doing something wrong because I do not believe that those who write blogs write in one sitting, but write in multiple sittings saving their writings as drafts for future editing, etc.

Where am I going wrong?

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