Obama, a Pawn of Satan’s

Recently, we learned a lot more about American support for Iran’s rise as “king of the south” from Dr. David Asher, who worked for Gen. John Allen at the United States Defense and State Departments under the Obama administration. Dr. Asher testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about America’s efforts to counter Hezbollah’s global network of terror, crime and resistance. According to Asher, during the last years of his presidency, Barack Obama “systematically disbanded” U.S. law enforcement actions aimed at disrupting Iran’s international network of terrorism for fear that such counterterrorism measures might derail the nuclear deal with Iran. 

With each passing week since Barack Obama moved out of the White House, we have learned more and more about his scandalous actions as president. Unfortunately, the major media in the United States are fixated instead on bringing down the Trump presidency. That’s why they obsessed over the James Comey hearing last week, when they should have been scrutinizing every word of Dr. Asher’s riveting testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which happened on the same day!

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