I Need to see as Jesus sees

I need to see as Jesus sees for man looks upon the outward appearance, but God looks upon the heart. For again as I traverse London, the English language is lost in the cacophony of Arabic, Polish, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, and the many other languages spoken by the residents of London, not counting the millions of tourists who descend on this world-destination city.However, when the English language does come within hearing, it is so punctuated with the “f” and “s” bombs that I am sorry that I am able to understand that language.

Tattooed and pierced bodies, cigarette smokers and vapers, men with topknots and earrings on parade, not to mention a nation under siege as seen by the sea of covered Muslim women in hijabs, niqabs, and burkas. 

A lost world of lost peoples seeking recognition.

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