Not meaning to offend, but…

Taken from the blogosphere:
This blog is written to suit me, the writer. The writer hopes that what suits the writer will suit a few readers; but, if not, it will make no difference. No reader, subscriber, or body of subscribers, will be allowed to govern the writer’s course, dictate the writer’s policy, prescribe the writer’s methods, or choose the writer’s topics.
The blog is published for the very definite purpose of advocating certain ideas, such as faith in Jesus Christ, the free market, conservatism, education, recent medical and technological breakthroughs, pro-family issues like not killing the unborn, family memories, and public policy; no claim will be admitted, on any pretext of freedom of speech, to waste the writer’s time in hindering the attainment of that object. The writer is not afraid of discussion, or even an argument, and shall do what the writer can to make room for short, serious, and well-considered objection to the writer’s views, but intolerance of Christians, Christiphobia, church bashing, blasphemy, name calling, bullying, and long boring essays on atheism should be posted elsewhere.

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