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Not meaning to offend, but…

Taken from the blogosphere: This blog is written to suit me, the writer. The writer hopes that what suits the writer will suit a few readers; but, if not, it will make no difference. No reader, subscriber, or body of … Continue reading

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Relativistic America: Neither safe nor free

Relativistic America: Neither safe nor free The American Spectator • March 2, 2018 The Florida mass shooting, which even a minimally competent state could have prevented, is a window on a relativistic America that is neither safe nor free. For … Continue reading

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Mass Immigration is a plan

The belief that the peoples of Europe should be mixed with predominately Muslim Africans and Asians, to destroy the white European identity, to break down traditional ways of living and create a single mixed people, is the reason for community policies … Continue reading

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What Signs are You Following?

Semiotics is the study of signs – things that signify other things. It comes from Classical Greek σημεῖον sémeion ‘mark, sign’, which is an extended-play version of σῆμα séma (which signifies about the same thing, but it’s smaller). The semi … Continue reading

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I Need to see as Jesus sees

I need to see as Jesus sees for man looks upon the outward appearance, but God looks upon the heart. For again as I traverse London, the English language is lost in the cacophony of Arabic, Polish, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, … Continue reading

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From The Trumpet Magazine 

Dear Professor,  Recently I had a conversation with a woman from Canada. Her granddaughter, in first grade in a public school, was approached on the playground by a boy her age who was dressed in girls’ clothes. “I want to … Continue reading

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Obama, a Pawn of Satan’s

Recently, we learned a lot more about American support for Iran’s rise as “king of the south” from Dr. David Asher, who worked for Gen. John Allen at the United States Defense and State Departments under the Obama administration. Dr. … Continue reading

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