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Beautiful thoughts

The great German Poet Goethe, was once asked by a friend what he would suggest as a daily exercise for spiritual betterment. He said: “I would like to read a noble poem. I would like to see a beautiful picture. … Continue reading

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How does one define morality?, by Lenny Esposito

In my postsĀ on natural marriage and the recent Supreme Court decision on DOMA, I had made the claim that the Supreme Court cannot define morality. There are many people in the world who will claim that simply because an action … Continue reading

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Western Civilization Doomed Unless We Embrace Jesus

Western Civilization Doomed Unless We Embrace Jesus. The single most important matter before us all is a monumental question of value. It is a question that may be stated, “Will the Western world embrace the very thing that holds it … Continue reading

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Paying a Debt to Society?

When prisoners are released from prison, it is often said that they have paid their debt to society. This is absurd, of course: crime is not a matter of double-entry bookkeeping. You cannot pay your debt by having caused even … Continue reading

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Sinners in the hands of an angry God

The “I’m okay, you’re okay,” feel good, politically correct, “We do not want to offend anyone,” churches of the last few decades have produced congregations that are no different than the secular culture in so many ways. We need to … Continue reading

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