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The Feminization of Christianity by William Lane Craig

Dear Dr. Craig, I have usually found your words to be a source of information and reassurance in my Christian faith, and have often sought out your writings and videos in times of doubt or questioning. So I was really … Continue reading

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There never will be a revival in this country until…

Namby-pamby, feel-good, I’m-okay-you’re-okay, seeker friendly Christianity has not worked. In fact, it is probably a major cause of the problem we are facing today. A recent poll says that 80% of Americans claim to be Christians. If that is the … Continue reading

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Seeker Friendly? Not Biblical!

According to God’s Word, the Seeker Friendly church is not biblical. God’s Word clearly states that “there are none that seek God.” We do not seek Him, He seeks us. Jesus said, “I come to seek and to save the … Continue reading

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