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Immigration or Invasion? By Enza Ferreri

Immigration or Invasion? August 20, 2013 By Enza Ferreri  What we insist on calling “immigration” from the Third World to Western European countries like Britain is a historically new phenomenon, for which a case can be made that other, more appropriate terms … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan has spent her career working to remove the underpinnings of freedom and destroy the American Constitution from within. And Kagan’s grand plan has worked very well indeed. “After graduate school Kagan went on to become … Continue reading

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Michael Youssef – Michael’s Blogs – When Ignorance is Not Bliss

Speaker Gingrich has had the courage to call Sharia what it is: “…inherently brutal — defined by oppression, stonings and beheadings…” For his courage, Speaker Gingrich needs to be praised, not criticized.  The evidence of stoning and beheading women for … Continue reading

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