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Is environmentalism good for the environment?

Reblogged from Wintery Knight WordPress Although I am not a global warming alarmist, I am concerned with conservation. So, all things being equal, I think it’s a good idea not to pollute the environment unnecessarily. Now, you might think that … Continue reading

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Obama’s global-warming folly, by Charles Krauthammer

Obama’s global-warming folly By Charles Krauthammer, Friday, July 5, 2013 The economy stagnates. Syria burns . Scandals lap at his feet. China and Russia mock him , even as a “29-year-old hacker” revealed his nation’s spy secrets to the world. How does President Obama respond? With a grandiloquent speech on … Continue reading

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Carbon Tax Hallucinations…by Paul Driessen

Carbon Tax Hallucinations by Paul Driessen on February 19, 2013      Print This Post Average planetary temperatures haven’t budged in 16 years. Hurricanes and strong tornadoes are at or near their lowest ebb in decades. Global sea ice is back to normal, … Continue reading

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let’s cleanse our minds of the bias of the climate alarmists…WSJ readers

We should waste little time and energy worrying about possibility of humans having a significant effect on our climate. But if we want something to worry about, consider what our government officials plan to do about this imagined problem. They … Continue reading

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A PETITION From the Manufacturers of Candles, Tapers, Lanterns, sticks, Street Lamps, Snuffers, and Extinguishers, and from Producers of Tallow, Oil, Resin, Alcohol, and Generally of Everything Connected with Lighting. To the Honourable Members of the Chamber of Deputies. Open … Continue reading

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Global Poverty Act is Back… Is Bill Gates the World’s Richest Useful Idiot? | Green Mountain Scribes

Clearly Gates is a captive of his own wealth, suffering the usual rich man’s guilt over being rich – rushing full speed ahead to “give back to the world.” Funny how such giving back always seems to mean supporting socialist … Continue reading

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The Keystone XL pipeline—a line in the sand for America’s future

The Keystone XL pipeline will play an important role in America’s position as an ongoing fuel producer and exporter. Rather than counting on tankers crossing the ocean with crude, it will bring domestic and friendly foreign oil to refiners along … Continue reading

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