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Daniel Patrick Moynihan: A Prophet about the Family by Dr Jim Eckman

Daniel Patrick Moynihan: A Prophet about the Family Mar 28th, 2015 | By Dr. Jim Eckman | Category: Culture & Wordview, Featured Issues Fifty years ago (1965), Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a sociologist, Assistant Secretary of Labor, and later one of … Continue reading

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None Dare Call It Treason 50 Years Later by Cliff Kincaid

December 31, 2014 I recently asked John A. Stormer, author of the 1964 bestseller, None Dare Call It Treason, if he thought President Barack Obama was a Marxist. “He’s two things,” Stormer told me. “Is he a Marxist or is … Continue reading

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Detroit: A Metaphor for America, By Dr. Jim Eckman

Detroit: A Metaphor for America Aug 17th, 2013 | By Dr. Jim Eckman | Category: Featured Issues, Politics & Current Events Detroit is the largest American city ever to file for bankruptcy.  The Economist summarizes the details:  Its long-term debt is estimated to be $18.2 billion … Continue reading

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