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Terrorism Spills Blood on the Streets of Germany

Terrorism Spills Blood on the Streets of Germany In the recent days, Germany has suffered four bloody attacks by men of Middle Eastern origins. The violence has shaken Germany and all of Europe, with many blaming refugee policies that allow … Continue reading

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Massive New Wave of Gypsies, by Bruce Bawer

“…living in Europe, I’ve encountered more than my share [of gypsies]. It all began on January 1, 2007, when Romania and Bulgaria became members of the European Union – thus setting loose a torrent of gypsies that flooded from those … Continue reading

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Necessary But Not Sufficient – John Mauldin’s Outside the Box E-Letter

Necessary But Not Sufficient By John Mauldin June 11, 2012 We woke up this weekend to a €100 billion “rescue” of Spanish banks, and the initial reaction of the market was relief. But did we not just see this movie, … Continue reading

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