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I must be getting old

In 1994, while skiing in Colorado, I broke my left leg. After having the local hospital x-ray my leg and put it into an inflatable cast, Karen drove for 27 hours nonstop, back to Marietta, Georgia. She took me to … Continue reading

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America! Land of the Free? I don’t think so.

Just ask any small businessman how free the United States is! The regulations, restrictions, prohibitions, assessments, fees, taxes, surcharges, permits, licenses, etc., are worse than almost any industrialized nation in the world. Remember the CEO of Coca Cola recently saying … Continue reading

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How Does Your School District Compare to the International Average? Now You Can Find Out…By Andrew J. Coulson

The often ingenious Jay Greene has been ingenious again. Greene chairs the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas, and with his co-author Josh McGee has come up with a way of ranking every school district in the … Continue reading

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