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Anti-Semitism: The Church of Scotland Takes the Low Road

My wife and I have Christian friends and family living in Europe. They are ashamed of their anti-Semitic governments. With the current administration in Washington DC, the country of my birth is heading in the same direction, and I am … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Musings of a Meandering Mind

1. Is it permissible for a Protestant Christian to sing Ave Maria in church? 2. The accepted answer from the world’s most learned theologians is that God used an egg from Mary, through which Jesus was born. As follows: “Mary’s … Continue reading

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On My List to See This Summer in England

The very first Christian Church ever built above ground is in England! I want to explore how the Word was preserved through the 1,000 year period of the Dark and Middle Ages, when possession of scripture in any language other … Continue reading

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