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Arthur Brooks: Europe’s core problems are demographic, not economic

Arthur Brooks: Europe’s core problems are demographic, not economic AEI President Arthur C. Brooks writes about Europe’s most pressing problem in the far-left New York Times, of all places. He writes: According to the United States Census Bureau’s International Database, nearly … Continue reading

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No Sex Please, We’re Japanese

Why Japanese Women Are Choosing Their Careers Over Having Sex – And Aren’t That Bothered About It Japanese women and men having sex – or rather not having sex – are the subject of a brilliant new documentary by BBC’s Anita Rani – No Sex Please, … Continue reading

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Unlocking your Legacy: 25 Keys for Success, by Paul J Meyer

When all is said and done, each of us will leave only four things behind: Memories-thoughts that others have of us Souvenirs-proof of our existence. Trophies-records of our achievements. Legacies-everything you are and possess today. Eventually, memories will fade and … Continue reading

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Detroit: A Metaphor for America, By Dr. Jim Eckman

Detroit: A Metaphor for America Aug 17th, 2013 | By Dr. Jim Eckman | Category: Featured Issues, Politics & Current Events Detroit is the largest American city ever to file for bankruptcy.  The Economist summarizes the details:  Its long-term debt is estimated to be $18.2 billion … Continue reading

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“As America Ages, Shortage of Help Hits Nursing Homes” by JAMES R. HAGERTY

WOODLAND, Calif.—A labor shortage is worsening in one of the nation’s fastest-growing occupations—taking care of the elderly and disabled—just as baby boomers head into old age. Nursing homes and operators of agencies providing home-care services already are straining to find … Continue reading

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