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Simplify. Seek a balance.

I am uncluttering  and getting rid of the things that are not essential. For many, it is easy to “bring it in,” but it is difficult to “take it out.” One of my ways of accomplishing this is by “digitizing” my life. In … Continue reading

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let’s cleanse our minds of the bias of the climate alarmists…WSJ readers

We should waste little time and energy worrying about possibility of humans having a significant effect on our climate. But if we want something to worry about, consider what our government officials plan to do about this imagined problem. They … Continue reading

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…the institution of marriage is in jeopardy…Gary Halbert

How Do We Turn the Trend Around? Over the last few decades, our culture has migrated toward tolerance. Tolerance of the decay of marriage, acceptance of divorce and cohabitation and even gay marriage in a growing number of states. This … Continue reading

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Why is there no national conversation about the divorce? by Joel McDurmon

There is very little public discussion, awareness, or education on the effects of divorce upon the children of divorcees. Amid all of the ridiculous politicization of the gun angle in the wake of Sandy Hook, and even a few calls … Continue reading

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Do Catholics Have it Right?

Church hopping. Job hopping. Spouse hopping. Christians, settle down! Do the hard work! Be a giver rather than a taker!  Too often God’s people jump from church to church, job to job, marriage to marriage, and best friend to best … Continue reading

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